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BK Design

DIY Box Steering Wheel Kit Lamborghini Huracan GT3 2019 by BK Design

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This Wheel is ideal for non Direct Drive Bases as Thrustmaster TX, TGT, TS-PC etc.

Box includes

- Laser Cut wheel Huracan 300mm x 200mm x 3mm Aluminum Plate 

- 3D Printed Parts for wheel

- 2x Magnetic shifters

- 6x 10x3mm Magnets 

- 2x KW10 Switches 

- Custom PCB with STM32

- 10x 12mm Waterproof push buttons 

- 3x rotary encoders EC 11

- All screws 

- Stickers set for wheel 

- connected via USB to PC

- twisted cable 1,8m

- Self-Adhesive Alcantara 

- Carbon Vinyl foil 


PC only!!!

QR for TM sell separately!!! 


Delivery time: 7-10days

Assembling: + 7-10days