PMT quick release adapter is the first truly quick wheel replacement solution on the market for Thrustmaster ecosystem. It is being used by many simracers all over the world and they all appreciate the convenience, quality and simplicity of the modification.

 Available adapters:

  • Base Adapter
    • Holds the quick release locking ring
    • Mounted directly to the Thrustmaster wheelbase
    • Only one is required for your setup
    • Compatible with all Thrustmaster servos:
      • T500RS
      • T300 (RS, GTE, GT)
      • TX
      • TS-PC
      • TS-XW
      • T-GT

  • TM adapter
    • Compatible with majority of Thrustmaster add-on wheels:
      • Sparco P310
      • Sparco R383
      • Ferrari 599XX EVO
      • Ferrari GTE
      • Ferrari 488 Challenge
      • Leather 28 GT
      • Open Wheel
      • Stock T-GT steering wheel
      • Stock T300 RS wheel
    • You need one of these adapters for each wheel you own
    • Quick and easy assembly process - only three screws need to be removed
      • Note: one exception is the 'Open Wheel' which requires desoldering ground wire during assembly, see below SRG review video for more information
    • Does not void the warranty of your wheel


  • TM adapter for T500RS stock wheel
    • A version specifically made for the stock steering wheel that comes with T500RS due to it's slightly different shape

  • F1 adapter
    • Compatible only with the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel add-on
    • Comes with an extention cable for effortless assembly

  • Custom adapter
    • Enables any aftermarket steering wheels with 70mm bolt pattern to be mounted to Thrustmaster wheel base
    • Comes with a PS/2 connector adapter which enables emulating TM wheel for custom button boxes
      • Note: The adapter does not include PS/2 connetor or electronics required to emulate Thrustmaster wheel

  • 250 GTO adapter
    • Compatible with Ferrari 250 GTO wheel
    • Enables compatibility of the steering wheel with Playstation 4
    • Special request only, please contact us for more details


  • Wall mount
    • Enables mounting the collection of your Thrustmaster wheels on the wall
    • Can also be used as a protection cover for steering wheel PS/2 connector 



Q: Which adapters do I need?

A: You need one Base Adapter for your wheelbase and one steering wheel adapter for each wheel you own.


  • T300RS + Open Wheel => requires Base + 2x TM adapters
  • TS-PC + Sparco R383 => requires Base + 2x TM adapters
  • TX Leather Edition + Ferrari F1 + Omp Car steering wheel => Base + TM + F1 + Custom adapters
  • T500RS + Ferrari 599XX => Base + TM for T500RS + TM adapters


Q: Do I need to buy the Slim Quick Release separately? 

A: Yes, the Slim Quick Release that connects to PMT adapters has to be aquired separately. The model compatible should be 90mm in diameter, approx 24.5mm in height and include 6 silver M5 screws,  we recommend the adapters available in our store.


Q: How many Slim Quick Releases do I need to buy?

A: Each quick release comes in two pieces: base side with locking ring and wheel side which slides inside the base mount. You require one 'wheel side' piece for each steering wheel you own, for the Base Adapter you do not need to purchase a separate QR as you can use the 'base side' of one of the QR's used for your wheels. Spare 'base side' pieces can be used for wall mounts if requried.


  • TS-PC + Sparco R383 => requires 2x Slim Quick Release
  • TX Leather Edition + Ferrari F1 + Omp Car steering wheel => requires 3x Slim Quick Release


Q: I cannot lock my wheel, it is too tight / My wheel is loose when connected to quick release

A: If the connection is too tight and you cannot lock the wheel in place please use one of the included large 'plus' shims, if the wheel is loose apply the included small 'minus' shim. For more details please refer to this video: