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Wir drucken auf original PRUSA 3D-Druckern MK3s.

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Custom Cutting Service

Laser Cutting, Milling and Bending Service for many types of materials

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Custom PCB Design

Custom Sim Racing PCB design for your projects

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TM Quick Release

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Lamborghini GT3

DIY KIT Lenkrad Lamborghini Huracan GT3 2022 von PMT Ideal für Direktantriebsbasis (Haupt- und Rückenplatten aus 3 mm ALUMINIUM)

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Red Bull F1

DIY KIT Red Bull Formula F1 wheel

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Button Box MKA1

Plug and play button box suitable for all 6x70mm PCD steering wheels

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    Lamborghini GT3

    BMW M4 DTM

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    Ferrari 488 GT3

    Bentley GT3


    AMG GT3

    Nissan GT3

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