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VNM Simulation

VNM Shiftter V2 FullBox (H-6+R and sequential plate)

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FullBox includes:

1x Shiftter body

1x H-6+1 plate

1x Sequential plate

1x USB cable

1x upgrade cable

2x knobs




Full Metal construction

H-Pattern or Sequential shifting modes via interchangeable restrictor plate

Adjustable gear stick tensioning

Customisable to your style of driving

Several different H-Pattern plates are available:

- 4 Forward gears + Reverse gear

- 5 Forward gears + Reverse gear

- 6 Forward gears + Reverse gear (standard in FullBox)

- 7 Forward gears + Reverse gear

Fully configurable front RGB LED

Can be any static colour of your choice or 1 of 10 animated effects.

Truck Driver game ready

2 x button ports provide support for trucker style gear knobs with buttons.

Quick & Easy Setup

Plug and Play

Instantly recognised by your PC, no drivers to install

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