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Leo Bodnar

Standalone Load Cell Amplifier

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Product Description

Standalone amplifier to connect load cells to any standard analogue input

- Connect load cell to screw terminals 
- Connect the amplifier pins to a potentiometer (analogue) input of your controller
- Works with any controller standard analogue input (eg. BU0836 series)

Warning: make sure +5V and GND pins on the potentiometer side are connected correctly!
Load cell is a passive device and wiring mistakes on that side will not damage the amplifier.

Uni-directional (standard) version amplifies input signal of one polarity only.
Zero input produces zero output. Negative input will result in zero output.
Typical use: force-sensitive brake pedal*, pressure sensor, weighing scales.
*) Aircraft pedals require two load cells and two uni-directional amplifiers - one for each pedal.

Specification details
Supply voltage (to +5V pin): 5V ± 20%
Output range (on OUT pin): 0 .. 4.9V
Input range (on +IN/-IN terminals): 0 .. +10mV 
Specified load cell output: 1mV/V .. 3mV/V
Specified load cell excitation voltage: 5V or higher*
*)Actual excitation voltage used is 5V. It is safe to use any load cell with excitation voltage higher than 5V. Typically, load cells have excitation voltage in 12V or 15V range.

Dimensions - 25x20mm