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McLaren F1 Steering wheel

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McLaren F1 steering wheel

for Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Simucube, VRS, MOZA bases.

Only PC Compatible, connect via USB to POWERED USB Hub.    


  • 280mm diameter, 1450g
  • 4mm Aluminium (Main + Back plate)
  • 4" 800x480 LCD display with touch (VoCore)
  • 21 RGB LEDs (Full programable in SimHub)
  • Ergonomic grips with 2x encoders
  • Magnetic paddle shifters with strong N52 magnets
  • Hall-sensor clutch paddles with dual-clutch function (bite-point adjustable)
  • 2x side rotary encoders
  • 2x Front rotaries
  • 1x 7Way switche (up/down/left/right/push/+/-))
  • 70mm PCD Quick-Release compatibility

Box included:

  • 1x Main plate 4mm Aluminium
  • 1x Back Plate 4mm Aluminium 
  • 2x EC11 Encoders (Grips)
  • 2x EC11 Encoders 
  • 1x 7Way switch 
  • 2x Hall sensor for clutches
  • 1x Custom PCB for Arduino Micro Pro and STM 32
  • 1x Arduino Micro Pro with code for wheel 
  • 1x STM 32 with code for wheel 
  • 21x LEDs 
  • 1x 4" Vocore screen
  • 2x Omron microswitches 
  • 1x Stickers
  • 10x 12mm Aluminium buttons
  • 3D printed parts (PLA Black 60% infill) 
  • All Screws for assembling
  • 1x 70x20cm Self-adhesive Alcantara 0,6mm for Grips
  • 1x 30x20cm Self-adhesive CF foil for Main plate
  • USB coiled cable USB A / USB Micro 
  • GX12 connector (Male/Female)

Box not included:

  • Aluminium Spacer 6x70mm (optimal)

Can be buy separately

Delivery date:

DIY KIT: 1-2 weeks

Assembled: 1-2 weeks