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DIY KIT Steering Wheel Replica Lamborghini Huracan GT3 2022 by PMT

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This wheel is ideal for DD bases


Box Includes


  • Main plate ALU 3mm Laser cut

  • Back plate ALU 4mm Laser cut with threads for shifters

  • PLA 3D Printed Parts for wheel

  • 2x Magnetic shifters

  • 6x 10x2,5mm Magnets 

  • 2x KW10 Switch

  • Custom PCB with STM32 - Easy assembling 

  • 10x 12mm Waterproof push buttons 

  • 3x rotary encoders EC11

  • All screws 

  • Stickers set for wheel 

  • connected via USB to PC (via GX16) Self adhesive imitation of Alcantara for grips

  • Carbon Vinyl foil for alu plates 

  • Coiled cable USB A - USB micro 1,8m

  • 70MM ALU Spacer 51MM


  • SimuCube

  • VRS

  • Simagic

  • Accuforce (via Accuforce QR)

  • Fanatec DD Bases (via Fanatec Podium Hub)


For more options as CF plates, CNC Back cover, CTS / PEC11H encoders, Different types of buttons please send email:


Delivery time: 7-10days

Assembling: + 7-10days