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Custom Cutting Service

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For exact price calculation, please send us inquiry to mike@kapral.store or compile request form on main page.
Please specify Material, Thickness and any additional processing (e.g. Milling, Bending...).

Materials available:

- Aluminium (up to 10mm)

- Steel (up to 20mm)

- Stainless Steel (up to 10mm)

- Acrylic (up to 5mm) 

- Carbon Fiber (up to 5mm)

Additional Processing:

- Bending (for metal only)

- Milling (standard for CF and Acrylic)

- Painting

- Anodizing (for Aluminium)

File Type:

- Cutting:  .dxf

- Bending: .pdf

- Milling: .STEP + .pdf (for dimensions)