DIY - Do It Yourself 

We prepare you all the components you need to complete your sim racing project.

Send us the documentation files ( .obj, .dxf, .stl etc.) and we will take care of everything:

- cutting

- bending

- printing

- painting

- all screws, springs, buttons, rotators, elastomers, foils, etc.

And finally all the items are safely packed and sent to you.


And you just all put everything together as lego :-)

We are printing on original PRUSA 3D printers MK3s.


Cutting and bending Aluminium, Steel and Stainless steel up to 10mm.




 Ask for price via email:


Where to find or buy simracing documentation:

TURN20 -

Thingiverse - -

AmStudio -

and more on Facebook, YouTube, Discord, Reddit etc.