MK N52 Shifters

Made from CNC 6160 aluminum for maximum strength and durability

Omron microswitch for over 1 million actuations

Black anodized

Carbon fiber 4mm paddles

2pins JST connectors

Sold as a set of 2 shifters

Available from 1.9.2022

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심레이싱 휠용 ALU 스페이서

심레이싱 휠용 ALU 스페이서


크기: 51/76/101mm

색상: 블랙

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Lamborghini GT3

DIY KIT 스티어링 휠 람보르기니 후라칸 GT3 2022 BY PMT 바이 다이렉트 드라이브 베이스.

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