KAPRAL SimRacing Store

Hi Guys, we're finally getting started.

After 2 long months of preparations, we are finally launching our SimRacing store.

In the beginning, the idea was to build your own F1 steering wheel and even more on the Xbox One.

After weeks of searching, finding out, tinkering, we finally succeeded :-)
And the feeling when you build your own steering wheel is unreal

It spread out quite quickly and the first orders were for friends.
But there was no time to compose so another idea came up.
Make a DIY BOX yourself where you will find everything you need to build your own steering wheel.

And it worked. Today, we no longer prepare a DIY BOX for you only with F1 steering wheels but also GT, gear levers, handbrakes, pedals, button box, we design entire RIGs, we modify and invent our own designs, etc.

We simply do what we enjoy, we help you with your SimRacing projects.

I would like to thank mainly Honzík, for his support, willingness and perfect 3D prints and that even in the time of Corona he had the courage to meet me :-) I really appreciate it, my friend!

Peter from Peter Makes Things for answering my first email, for technical help when I was hopelessly stuck and it just didn't work, and especially for the opportunity to work with him.
Thank you so much Peter, I appreciate it!

JIřík, for his great work in cutting, bending and preparing your documents. Thank you very much!

Also to all the friends from the SimRacers world, it wouldn't be possible without you guys, thank you

And last but not least, my family, I love you.
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